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Iron Knob Progress Association - Preserving our past, forging our future.
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      Iron Knob History - Preserving our Past

"In order to get where you are going you need to know where you have been"

We believe that our history, our heritage is not only worth preserving but also celebrating. Iron Knob has played a key role in the development of not only South Australia but also our nation. It has often been said that Iron Knob was the birth place of the Australian Steel Industry and it certainly played a key role in the economic viability of our nation at a key stage in it's development.

Iron ore and steel are still strong commodities in our nation and provide employment for many families and have once again  become a part of Iron Knobs present economy with Arrium Mining re-opening the mines around Iron Knob.

The Iron Knob Progress Association is proud to share with you our piece of history and hope you enjoy the contributions, not only of the present members and associates, but also the hard work of past members who have helped compile the history for us to enjoy.